Building & Property, Parks & Activities Committee

Supervise necessary upkeep of all buildings and property.  Planning of new buildings, library facilities, community center activity, village machinery and forestry care.  Suggest regulations for proper use of buildings.  Make recommendations and report to the full Board.  Supervise all activities at the tractor pull track area with the Boyceville Firefighters Association.  This includes all leased land and activities that are held on the leased land.

Management of village parks and related athletic activities therein.

Work with the development of Anderson Hill. Work with engineers on the planning of lots, streets and utilities for the project. Keep in contact with the realtor on the sale of the lots. Report to full Board for final decision on project.

Promote Boyceville. Pursue improving facilities, appearance, goodwill and cooperation within the Village. Encourage new business, present business, help improve enterprises and facilities. Provide recommendation to Finance Committee regarding Economic Development revolving loan funds. Oversee all festival activities. Liaison with School Board. Promulgate a program for renewing downtown Boyceville. Keep in contact with Boyceville business people for new ideas.



804 Hwy #79

Phone: (715) 643-4851
Email: [email protected]



1319 Tiffany St.

Phone: (715) 643-4951
Email: [email protected]



812 Center St.

Phone: (715) 308-5187
Email: [email protected]