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Village of Boyceville Comprehensive Plan

Prepared by: Village of Boyceville Planning Commission

Adopted by: Boyceville Village Board, December 30, 2009

Vision Statement

The Village of Boyceville, along with all rural communities, is experiencing economic and social change. The Village should not dwell on the negative, but seize the opportunities change offers.

Recognizing its limited resources, the Village should focus on the following:

  • Work for a sound and progressive school system for the future the
    education of its youth.
  • Provide Village government that is responsive to citizen’s needs and aspirations.
  • Support a Police force that can provide security and a peaceful environment in which to live.
  • Provide a Library for the enlightenment of people of all ages.
  • Provide a Public Works department that serves the residents and is
    dedicated to reflecting an image of a well-kept community.
  • Provide Fire and Ambulance services that protects our lives and property.

The Village of Boyceville is striving to be a community whose residents can be genuinely proud to be part of Boyceville.

Plan Purpose

The purpose of the Boyceville’s comprehensive plan is to act as a guide for not only Village government, but also local industries, businesses, developers, and residents so that informed decisions can be made about the growth of the community. It provides consistency in decision-making and is meant to be reviewed and revised as needed as the vision of the community evolves over time.

The comprehensive plan can provide a variety of benefits to Boyceville by identifying and protecting natural resources, or promoting development in order to provide services to residents at a reasonable cost.

Goals, Objectives, and Recommendations

For each planning element, goals, objectives, and recommendations were created. These are used to create a vision for each chapter and identify ways to achieve that vision. Definitions of these terms are listed below.

Goal: A general statement that describes a desired future result.

Objective: Objectives are statements that describe what the Village hopes to achieve by a goal.

Recommendations: Recommendations are the implementation strategies to be carried out in order to achieve a goal and meet the objectives.

The intent of the plan, as a whole, should be considered when consulting the plan for guidance in decision-making. Not a single sentence, table, or map, on its own, represents the whole intent of the Village’s comprehensive plan.